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The Sky Ship no. 1

Special Eurocon 2007 Edition of "Himmelskibet" - A4. 44 sider. 40kr

forside The Sky Ship
Forsidebillede af Karina Bjerregaard

  • Editorially - by Tue Sørensen
  • Danish Science Fiction and Danish Science Fiction Fandom - A Brief History - Article by Knud Larn
  • Gods of the Jade Sea - Short story by Richard Ipsen
  • Until Eternity - Short story by Ulrik Kristiansen
  • Darwin and Dracula - On Biopoetics - Article by Mathias F. Clasen
  • The Furnished Room - Short story by Thomas Strømsholt
  • Interstellar Trade - Article by Flemming Rasch
  • Faerie Fire - Short story by Andreas Rugård Klæsøe
  • Comics, Movies and Madness! - Article by Henrik Andreasen
  • The Ghost of Lady Stardust - Short story by Klaus Æ. Mogensen
  • Reviews
    Cruise of the Gods
    Flash Gordon TV-Pilot (2007)
    The Invasion
    Brummstein - Peter Adolphsen
    Webslinger: Unauthorized Essays on Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man